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Who is RAC Adjustments, Inc?

RAC Adjustments is a professional claim service organization founded in 1980 with the overall objective of a commitment to excellence and providing property and casualty adjustments and appraisals for daily and catastrophe claims. That is why RAC Adjustments is routinely ranked #1 by its customers in performance based on objective measurements.

RAC Adjustments has both adjusters and appraisers located throughout our service territory, for maximum efficiency and service.  RAC Adjustments offers nationwide catastrophe services and adjusting services utilizing RAC Adjustments staff, management, and experienced catastrophe adjusters.

RAC Adjustments’ goal is to provide a work product that is designed around the need of the customer and continuous feedback on performance.

RAC Adjustments, Inc. began in 1980 as a sole proprietorship under the name Roum Adjustment Company.  In April of 1990, Roum Adjustment Company incorporated to become RAC Adjustments, Inc., a Class “C” Illinois corporation.  RAC Adjustments, Inc. currently conducts all of its operations under the corporate name: RAC Adjustments, Inc.

RAC Stands ready to assist the insurance company or self-insured client with a full-range of adjusting, appraising, and investigative services.

RAC Adjustments attracts highly qualified employees and business partners to accomplish claims adjustments by being one of the greatest companies to work for. Our atmosphere of respecting our business partners and our customers is of utmost importance to our business model. With over 250 claims professionals, our goal is to stand out no matter what size the claim.

RAC Adjustments brings a collaborative atmosphere to every situation that provides a superior work product.

Becoming an Adjuster

In the wake of a large-scale catastrophic event, insurance companies often have to reach out to bring in additional insurance adjusters to evaluate damages for the resulting claims. Qualified, licensed adjusters are in high demand during these times. If you desire a career as an adjuster, prepare yourself with a good education and the skill sets an adjuster needs before disaster strikes. The process requires an investment of time and resources but can be very rewarding.


Get Your License

Most states require licensed adjusters to work insurance claims. Always obtain an adjuster license in your home state. If any state in which you want to practice does not require a license, you may apply for a designated home state license in either Indiana or Texas. This will give you the credentials you need to be considered for deployment. Some states require you to be licensed in their particular state to work. For that reason, licensing in multiple states is encouraged.

Keep Growing

After you are licensed, you should continue learning about the job through continuing education and networking events. In a career like this, there is always something new to learn, as every catastrophe is a bit different and policies, laws and regulations can change. Therefore, you must keep preparing yourself so that when the next disaster occurs you are ready for action.

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